Meet Carli,

Your therapist and postpartum concierge

Going into something new can be scary enough, but it can feel even scarier when you've never gone there before, and you don't know how you'll feel when you get there. 

Welcome to Motherhood.


Looking for someone to validate your fears, answer questions, guide you through tough decisions and cope with all the emotions, while monitoring for postpartum anxiety and depression? 


There are many books and doctors to support you through pregnancy, but we rarely talk about the dark storm of motherhood that often begins at birth. That's where you now have a therapist and postpartum concierge on call for support. I will work with you to make sure you feel supported, and work with everyone in your support network including your partner, doctors, doula, physical therapist, midwife and psychiatrist to make sure you feel advocated for and supported in the way you deserve to feel during the a vulnerable time in your life. 


As a sex therapist, IVF warrior and mom who is certified in Maternal Mental Health, I am now offering a mix between postpartum therapy, maternal guidance and support all-in-one.

Postpartum concierge therapy consists of 4-6 weeks of intensive therapy and support including:

  • two 50-minute individual sessions a week

  • one 30 minute session for your partner or as a couple a week  

  • daily on-call support and guidance available from 8am-11:00pm

To sign up please e-mail me here 

I look forward to supporting you in your journey to motherhood,

you're going to be great.