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Carli and her team believe that life is all about relationships, including the relationship a person has with oneself.  In your work in therapy, your therapist will create a safe space in which clients can feel free to discuss the presenting issue that you may be dealing with. While working together you can expect to be listened to and challenged, as I believe that challenge produces growth.


Similar to other psychotherapy, sex therapy is a form of talk therapy that is geared toward providing support and psychoeducation regarding sex-related issues that exist for individuals and couples. As a trained and licensed sex therapist, I am able to provide education about anatomy, physiology, arousal, dynamics and other sex related stressors that impact your life. This therapy does not in any way involve touch between the therapist and client. The primary difference between a regular psychotherapist and a sex therapist is that sex therapists have additional training specifically regarding sex related issues that other psychotherapists are not required to have. Carli is also in supervision by an AASECT supervisor and working toward certification by the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). 


Couples therapy is not just about communication, it's about finding the dynamics in the relationship that do not create a healthy dynamic and finding a therapist who can help you change it. At Boutique Psychotherapy we use a challenging, yet supportive approach to couples work by using the strengths within your relationship to support its weaknesses. 


There is truly nothing more important in life than loving yourself, and yet so many people struggle with what this means, how to do it and what a difference it can make in life. In our work, I help clients understand what it means to mother the self in an effort to create the life you want for yourself, along with the love you deserve. 


Have you been told by doctors that you have a sexual dysfunction? Perhaps you haven't, but you worry that you are struggling with one? Have you tried numerous treatments to try and enjoy sex again, and you cannot get back to pleasurable sex again? Are you frustrated by your lack of desire, or did you once have pleasurable sex and are not able to anymore due to pain, or your body simply not working the way it once did? You're not alone, and here at Boutique Psychotherapy we work with you to cater to your sexual health using a biopsychosocial approach. We will work with you to assess the physiological presentation of your stressors to provide support and solutions so you can enjoy sex again. 


We believe in working together to work through presenting problems. Sometimes, all we need is to know that we are not alone. Support groups can be incredibly helpful. Sign up for our wait list here for upcoming groups beginning Summer 2022. Groups include: Working Moms, Single Women 28-35, and Self-Love Exploration


Certified in Maternal Mental Health from the Seleni Institute, I have been trained in treating postpartum anxiety, and depression, as well as perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and perinatal grief and loss. In working together we will empower you to work through your motherhood and parenting journey. Carli also provides "Postpartum Concierge Service" in which she will be an on-call psychotherapist to support you in your journey leading up to motherhood, during delivery and in your first two weeks as a new mom. To learn more about this, click here.


Infertility can feel like one of the most vulnerable and lonely experiences that a person can go through. I aim to provide both women and men with the support they need, and so very well deserve. Whether it be IVF, medicated cycles, miscarriage, timed intercourse, or just the simple stress of trying to conceive, I work with clients to provide necessary psychoeducation, and support during the stressful experience of fertility related issues. 

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