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Sex & Empowerment Therapist in NYC
Hi, I'm 
Dr. Carli Blau

I am a Sex & Empowerment Therapist and Women's Health Expert in NYC. 
I change lives through therapy and workshops by empowering people to be their best selves. 

Individual Therapy     |     Couples Therapy     |     Workshops    |    Public Speaking    |     Boutique Psychotherapy Group

Therapy with me:

  • feels good

  • results in change

  • leaves you inspired

  • teaches you for tomorrow

  • heals you from the past

  • and empowers you for your future

Are you ready to become a more empowered version of you and create the life you've been dreaming of?




Meet Dr. Carli Blau,

the only Sex & Empowerment Therapist, and Women's Health Doctor in New York City. 


Hi! My name is Dr. Carli Blau, and I change people's lives. I am a Psychotherapist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Sex Therapy and a focus on Women's Health Issues including (but not limited to) Infertility, Pelvic Pain Disorders, Low Desire, Sexual Pain, Endometriosis, Chronic Illness, Cancer, Menopause and Maternal Mental Health. I am also trained in providing sex therapy for any and all sex-related issues including Men's Sexual Health, Erectile Dysfunction, and  Performance Anxiety. 


As an empowerment therapist, I believe in what I call Thematic Relational Therapy. This is my unique style a type of therapy in which we work together to work on the relationship you have with yourself by understanding the themes in your life that have constructed who you are. This insight empowers people to find the self-love, and confidence needed to create the life, love, sex, relationships and career you want and so very much deserve. I'm tough, hold you accountable and yet soft enough to guide you through your rough days with an open heart. 

I help people who struggle with self-esteem, sexual-esteem, and stress as it relates to relationships, sex, dating and sexual health related issues. As a clinician I work with individuals and couples to provide insight, guidance, and tools needed to change your life from the one you're currently living in, to the one you desire.  My goal is to provide my clients with the integrative and informed psychotherapy needed to facilitate change in their life. 


With an extensive knowledge and understanding of medicine, I not only work with clients in a 1-1 therapy setting, but I also provide educational workshops to people and doctors. Subscribe to my newsletter to keep informed about new workshops and trainings coming in 2023. 

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What I Do

Individual Therapy

Self love & Empowerment
Confidence Building
Dating Anxiety
Life Stressors
Career Counseling
Maternal/Paternal Mental Health
Dating Anxiety
Relationship Stress



Lack of Sexual Compatibility
Power dynamics
Parentified Partnerships
Parenthood Stress
Desire Differences
Marital Stress
Pre-Marital Counseling
Divorce Support



Infertility-Related Sexual Stress
Sexual Esteem 
Infertility Stress
Sexual Desire
Sexual Functioning
Pelvic Pain Disorders
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Performance Anxiety
Erectile Dysfunction
Sex and Cancer
Low Sex Drive


Public Speaking

How To Get Pregnant for Adults

Sexy As A Mother

F*cking For Capture

Thematic Thinking in Therapy

Understanding Infertility-Related Sexual Stress & Sexual Esteem

50 and Thriving: Sex Post Menopause

You're going to sleep with one person for the rest of your life and they better be the best sex you've ever had, and the person you love the most...and that person is YOU


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