Carli is an excellent therapist. I have made more progress with Carli in six months, than I have in years of therapy with other therapists. She is a great listener, but will also give her insight and challenge you when necessary.  – EM


Carli Blau changed my life in the span of just 1 year. Prior to seeing her, I had met with a few other therapists, but none could truly get me to open up. With Carli, the words “I don’t know” don’t exist; she challenges you and helps you work through your thoughts in a way that no other therapist was ever able to do for me. The second I walked into her office, I felt more comfortable and relaxed than I could’ve ever expected. She is warm, energetic and most importantly, she truly loves what she does... it makes all the difference! I will be forever grateful to Carli and all she has done to help me become a better, happier version of myself. If you are in search of a rockstar therapist, look no further... Carli is it -- Anonymous


Great! Carli is incredibly knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I find her to be very trustworthy, authentic, and encouraging. She is very respectful of her client's time and process- I feel like she meets me exactly where I am that day and manages to have great insight on all aspects of life, helping guide me in my personal relationships, career choices, and self-exploration. I highly recommend Carli Blau as an enthusiastic, effective professional. – AA


Carli is an extremely insightful, helpful, and understanding therapist. I have been seeing her for about a year and a half now working through relationship and self esteem issues. She is always able to help me get to the root of my problems and provide ways to learn and grow from them, while encouraging and challenging me to look at situations from a different perspective. Carli is so easy to talk to, relatable, and and always makes me feel comfortable. Each time I'm in her office, I learn new ways to improve my outlook on relationships, my communication skills, and how I view myself. I feel that I am able to discuss anything with her in a judgement-free zone, and would highly recommend her!  -AA

I have been to a lot of therapists over the years and Carli is unmatched in her focus during session and her uncanny discernment and exploration of my internal state. She combines this intuition with a forthright style that cuts directly to the heart of issues, allowing quick access to the space where solutions can be explored. I always feel enlightened and stronger when leaving her office. There are no unproductive sessions and she is the first therapist I can say that for. I feel her insights into sexuality and romantic relations are at a world class level. This keenness allows her to quickly develop strategies that meet my personal goals. Her gifts are not limited to sex and relationships. She has helped me resolve family issues I have been dealing with for years, create strategies to manage my depression and anxiety, and allowed me to confront a crippling chemical addiction that I had been hiding for a very long time. Cannot recommend enough. Just go see her. You will know what I mean. – Anonymous


Carli is without a doubt the nicest, most relatable therapist I have been seen by. Her methods are challenging, and thats what I love. She pushes you until finally realize the underlying truth yourself. Carli does not know everything, and she doesn't claim too, either. What she does know is when you aren't being truthful with yourself. Sometimes I'm about to speak and she'll just stop me and say "Start over", knowing full well that I'm about to elude the issue. The aura of the office is nice and very calming, which is nice because you feel relaxed. As a therapist Carli is tough, but as a human being, she is the most caring person in the world. She understands your needs and helps you achieve goals you haven't even thought about achieving. If you were to ask me if I would recommend Carli, I would say no because I want her all to myself, but Carli would say that would be selfish, so yes I definitely recommend with two thumbs up! Thank you Carli!—SG

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